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Foreign trade sector
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China factory
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Process description
1. door rail lines
Mainly produces electric doors, manual sliding doors, electric door, manual swing.
Has a large metal steel processing equipment, including saws, shears, bending machine, drilling machine, punching machine, bending machine, two welding machine and welding equipment, and other series.
Production Readiness Program:
Preparedness plans to perform a complete production process, draw and confirm product drawings; develop technical standards for products; preparation of quality control documentation; preparation process operational documents; develop material consumption quota; develop processing time quota; develop equipment use plan; preparers plan; develop materials procurement plan and conduct sample trial, etc., see the flowchart.
Production process using strict technical standards and controls. All assembled and welded on the mold to ensure product precision in the control range.
All welding gas welding equipment are used, the biggest advantage is that the weld appearance; workpiece is not easily deformed; production efficiency; suitable for mass production.
2. seine lines
Has the domestic leading level of automation fence welding machine. Annual production capacity is 1000 km. Seine maximum size 3 * 3.5 m, to meet the needs of a variety of installations.
Fence grid spacing and all welding parameters via computer automated control, welding galvanized wire diameter of 3.5mm-5.9mm, the smallest grid spacing reaches 75 * 12.5mm, maximum grid spacing of 200 * 65mm, the circumference network has good protective properties. Also has excellent welding performance, more firmly secure.
Fence using high quality galvanized steel wire materials, surface coatings in the destruction of the fence case
The protective effect of the zinc coating can effectively protect the steel from corrosion, extend the life of the fence.
3. spraying production line
Has the domestic first-class level is spray production line, spray molding from pre-processing to achieve full automatic operation, and through the central control system for all equipment operating conditions and operating parameters to be monitored.
Surface treatment of the main features:
In addition to the product after degreasing phosphating spray before as the underlying. After treatment, the surface layer of phosphate chemical conversion coating, which greatly improves the adhesion and once coated corrosion resistance, adhesion through phosphide can increase 2-3 times the corrosion resistance increased by 1 - 2 times.
Workpiece phosphate passivated by heavy metal ions closed pores phosphate coating, phosphate coating can increase the corrosion resistance of more than 10%.
Powder Coating
Excellent film properties: Liquid coatings need to type of polymer, the application and curing conditions to adjust the proportion of the solvent, or affect the effect of the coating, powder coating was not the case.
Easy to correct bad parts: the powder before polymerization if defects are found just blow off the powder can be re-sprayed. Very convenient.
Thickness control
Than the conventional liquid paint thickness control is more uniform, it is necessary to spray a higher thickness.
A wide range of
Colorful decorative and functional powder were used successfully.
Through grit blasting to remove surface oxide layer to improve adhesion of the coating.
High-performance anti-corrosion coatings
Higher thickness
And the substrate has excellent adhesion properties
Dry quickly
High performance polyurethane topcoat
Excellent color stability luster
Dense and hard film, impact resistance, wear, has excellent mechanical properties
Can provide long-term protection and decorative properties

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