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Product Description:

Mesh materials and specifications:
Hot galvanized mesh fence wire resistance welded zinc galvanized steel wire not less than 120g / ㎡, fence mesh expanded size 2607 * 2275mm, vertical segment is 1900mm, the inclined section of 707mm, uniform arrangement of five Road to strengthen tank, mesh size 50 * 200mm, wire diameter 4.9mm before spraying
Column materials and specifications:
Seamless Pipes, trapezoidal cross-section structure (D-shaped tube) Thickness 2.5mm hot galvanized pipe vivo treatment, the amount of zinc less than 270g column vertical segment of length 2000mm, tilting segment length 700mm, overall installation height 2500mm, the bottom of the vertical section of the column 200 * 200 * 8mm welded flanges. (Lighting column is optional)
Surface treatment requirements:
Expo mesh fence uprights and are made of high adhesion polyurethane electrostatic spraying, the substrate through the spray, passivation, zinc base powder coating, once cured, outdoor polyurethane powder coating, secondary curing process, requiring uniform surface plastic layer , no pinholes, sagging, cracks, orange peel, such as spraying quality problems. Thus ensuring the Expo fence 30-year life.
3.28 km2 area of the Expo fence fences everywhere Si solid Seoul product
Production process:
Pre-straight wire, cutting, pre-bending, welding, inspection, set box, destructive experiments, beautification (PE, PVC, hot dip), packaging, warehousing

Application examples:


It can be widely used in gardens, villas, on both sides of the river, plant quarantine, equipment enclosure, municipal transportation, prisons, power plants, airports, industry and other areas around the plant
Production process:

Production Video:

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