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Product Description:

International Horticultural Exposition fence use more of popular peach column, semi-elliptical shape for the rule type, resembles peach, so called peach-type column. This peach pillar fence is a new product, this fence nice, easy installation, grid structure concise, easy to transport, install undulating terrain without restrictions. V-bend strengthening mesh pressure trough, effectively increase the overall strength of the mesh to strengthen the bending stiffness and high aesthetic appeal.
A: mesh materials and specifications:
Material: high quality low carbon steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire.
Height :1500-2500mm;
Width :1500-3000mm;
Wire by :3-6mm;
Aperture: 5 * 20mm, 7 * 15mm, 7 * 30mm (also can be customized);

B: Peach column material and specifications:
Peach uprights plate thickness of 1-1.2mm, cold through the machine, roll forming. Elliptic cylindrical lateral to medial After connecting the two plates are made of each U-shaped bend outward, is linked parts. In order to facilitate the mesh peach-column connection, the inner column of the mesh according to mesh size, the extension of the longitudinal direction of the column is set uniformly distributed N sets of hook notches on both sides of the cylinder, the outer U-shaped hook of the outer ellipse cylinder tangent straight edge, effectively prevent been forced open, to ensure the safety fence tamper.

C: Peach pillar fence advantages:
1, high strength, good overall stability.
2 color plastic layer has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect.
3 mesh enclosures overall harmony and beautiful.
4 Security: any height in the column will be embedded in the pre-designed mesh fence Cheng recess appointment is not demolished whole.
5 Easy installation: Quick push-install, does not require any accessories suitable for all types.
D: The correct installation method:
First fixed first and then the mesh pillars attached to the column, followed by articulated second pillars. Good then the second pillars fixed. Then mount the second mesh, and third pillars. The net surface tension of the third pillars fixed. So, a set of installation. Such installation without damaging both solid mesh, safety and practicality in its requirements more stringent.
E: Production process:
Pre-straight wire, cutting, pre-bending, welding, inspection, set box, destructive experiments, beautification (PE, PVC, hot dip), packaging, warehousing



Application Examples:

Application areas:

It can be widely used in gardens, roads, residential villas, on both sides of the river, plant quarantine, equipment enclosure, municipal transportation, prisons, power plants, airports, plant enclosures, public places, scenic tourist area of isolation and protection areas
Production process:

Production Video:

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