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Product Description:

Stadium Fence aka "stadium fence", the school fence, the stadium is designed for the design of new protection products, this high-grade mesh, anti-climbing ability. Stadium fence fence belonging to a site, it is called: "sports fence" can be installed around the construction site columns, fence, products biggest advantage is its flexibility, can be adjusted according to requirements of the mesh structure, shape and size. Stadium fence especially for less than 4 meters high fence as a stadium, a basketball court fence, volleyball venues and sports training site use.
A: Material: high quality low carbon steel wire.
B: Weaving: weaving and welding.
C: anti-corrosion treatment: electroplating, hot dip, spray, dip place.
D: Advantages: corrosion, aging, sunscreen, weather, bright colors, smooth surface, strong tension, less susceptible to physical shock deformation, site construction and installation, flexibility (can be adjusted according to the site requirements of shape and size) .
E: Color: blue, green, yellow, white and so on.
F: Stadium Fence Product Features Description:
       1 stadium fence, fence streamlined appearance: transparent, beautiful, simple, stylish and elegant European style; meet the different areas, different environment, different aesthetic needs of people.
2, Tomahawk connection: a unique link connection, Tomahawk groove design, grille without any accessories to any height and column embedded grooves to connect, to ensure its ruggedness, with more tensile strength and impact resistance, but also perfectly demonstrated its anti-theft feature.
3 years Warranty: adequate pre-treatment and unique high-temperature electrostatic PVC spraying process to ensure uniform distribution of plastic layer, surface feel more smooth; By 2000 hours resistance to salt spray test, solemn commitment to ensure the product of 10 years corrosion. Under normal circumstances with a self-cleaning ability, anti-UV, no cracks aging, oxidation does not rust, maintenance-free!
4, due to the stadium fence can be a variety of combinations: and according to customer requirements of different venues, there are a variety of curved, different angles and different levels of height ladder mounted, to provide the best solution. With beautiful appearance and unique design, trackless automatic sliding doors used in conjunction to form a perfect harmony of the whole.
 G: Production process:
Pre-straight wire, cutting, pre-bending, welding, inspection, set box, destructive experiments, beautification (PE, PVC, hot dip), packaging, warehousing.


Application examples:


Stadium fence is suitable for high quality requirements of tennis courts, basketball court, comprehensive site fencing
Production process:

Production Video:

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