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Product Description:

1, strong, durable, firmly connected structural, malleable, and the undulating terrain without restrictions.

2 piles vertical columns and horizontal bar cleverly combined together to form a whole is not removable for your garden to provide a more reliable security.

3, the perfect combination of curves and straight into the circular and rectangular visual effects, the atmosphere and lack of simple, decorative circle of thick steel, plastic decorative circle of beauty there is always a right for you.

4, horizontal bar, vertical bar, piling three parts are different specifications of steel pipes, four anti-corrosion treatment, good corrosion resistance, long life, electrostatic spraying, up to 20 years, and eliminates the cost of product maintenance updates . After a lifetime of plastic can be re-used again.

5, assembly fence without welding, steel surface clean, no welding, field installation, assembly, can also be assembled before transport after transport, the application is easy to use.

6, anti-theft bolts designed to better meet customers' security requirements.

7, assembled fence various colors, so not only has beautiful qualities, better play good protective effect.

8, good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and heat-resistant properties, suitable for use in different regions.

Material specifications using three different combinations to meet the needs of different types, can also be based on your site needs to recommend more appropriate species。 


Application Examples:

Application areas:

Concept of environmental protection, aesthetic vision, widely used in living quarters, villas, and also can be used in public places and so on.

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