Welded fence in our company main products are as
follows :
World Expo Fence,World Horticultural Expo Fence ,Airport Fence,Prison Fence,Community Fence ,Factory Fence,Stadium Fence,Workshop Fence and so on.

Whatever your needs, whether import or export, we are a trusted advisor to your sincere and consultants. We sincerely welcome friends to visit our company!

Hebei Secure-Net Fence Facility Co., Ltd.
Fence Project Department
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  Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China
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    Hebei Secure-Net Fence Facility Co., Ltd.Professional and comprehensive site dedicated to the development and production of protective products for global customers with high quality advanced metal fences, gates and other protective all steel products and services. Si solid Seoul fence on the market in a unique design concept will uprights with welded mesh perfectly together, can be required to provide our customers the best solutions.

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